*Winners of the Umbria Jazz Balkanic Windows competition 2009

and MIDEM OFF Showcase 2012 (Cannes, France)


"This is just simply quite stunning." / Mike Chadwick - SoulandJazz.com






2010 HORIZON / Ninety and Nine Records; Magnatune; Constantinus

2013 DRIFTERS / Neuklang

2014 SIMILARITY / Ninety and Nine Records

2017 INNATE / Ninety and Nine Records, Metropolis Jazz

Important performances: Midem – Cannes, Moods - Zurich, Cully Jazz Festival, Motion Blue Yokohama, Sunset Sunside Paris,Garana Jazz Fest, Jazz Café, Umbria Balkanic Windows, Dubai International Jazz Fest, Nishville Jazz Fest, Vicenza Jazz Fest, DOKfest Munich, Hong Kong Jazz Fest, Belgrade Jazz fest, Jazzy Colours Paris, Jarasum Jazz Fest, Preveza Jazz Fest, Alarma Punk Jazz Sofia, Kozlov Club Moscow, Panic Jazz Club Marostica, JZ Club Shanghai...

“electro jazz rock fusion - you name it they play it - full of energy and invention - a top class act” /  Tim Dickeson, Jazzwise

"a future-minded, exciting collision of various genres creating happening music "  / Gilles Quinnell , PIAS, Harmonia Mundi World Village

“This highly original quartet unites jazz, classical, folk and rock elements in an intoxicating mix that is at once meditative and invigorating.”
Ian Patterson, All About Jazz

“It straddles the genres of Jazz, traditional Balkan musical and electronic earthiness that gives the listener the space to breathe and dream."
Alban Low @ http://artofjazz.blogspot.com/

"Eyot is however on to an amazing fresh sound and approach to a more contemporary sound that could be the next big thing here in the States. (...) A perfect mix of the old and the new forming a new sonic alliance for a new generation."

BRENT BLACK @ http://www.criticaljazz.com/

"The proud representative of a new generation of European musicians, this Serbian quartet breaks all temporal, geographical and cultural boundaries of Balkan Jazz, explosively blending classical music, art-rock and traditional melodies. In its quest for new creative sound combinations,  Eyot restlessly explores the limits between tradition and innovation and leads European Jazz off the beaten track. Known as the "Nirvana of Jazz", the four musicians light up the stage with outstandingly fresh and electrifying sounds. The quartet brings to life a music of unique creativity which strikes a pleasant balance between simplicity and sophistication, and is both coarse yet delicate."  Cully Jazz Festival

 Dejan Ilijic - Piano; Sladjan Milenovic - Guitar; Milos Vojvodic - Drums; Marko Stojiljkovic - Bass.