"After their critically acclaimed albums “Horizon” and “Drifters” that have led them to more than a hundred concerts in 18 countries, EYOT brings us “Similarity”. Forged in Nis- Serbia, crafted in Bristol- UK, produced by Jim Barr (Get the Blessing), the album is a fusion of multiple styles. Pink Floyd meets Nirvana, Radiohead, and the legacy of famous Eastern European classical music composers, spiced up with the Balkan traditional music; it’s EYOT`s unique recipe, rendered in their own way. "

Similarity / Release date – August 5

  1. How Shall the Dust Storm Start?
  2. Druids
  3. Similarity
  4. Pools of Purple Light
  5. New Passover
  6. Nirvana
  7. Walking on Thin ice with the Iron Shoes
  8. Blessing

Music composed and arranged by Dejan Ilijic & Eyot Dejan Ilijic – Piano; Milos Vojvodic – Drums; Sladjan Milenovic – Guitar; Marko Stojiljkovic – Bass;

8 / Pete Judge – Trumpet , Jake McMurchie – Sax 2 / Dejana Sekulic - Viola

Recorded and Produced by Jim Barr Recorded in November 2013, mixed and mastered by Jim Barr at J&J Studios, Bristol, UK

Eyot, SimilarityNinety & Nine records ***** 
"This is a band that could crush the American market place if given the opportunity yet with the powers that be still operating with both feet planted firmly in 1968 the road will be long and the fight will be hard. The cultural cold war in improvisational music could easily be over with super groups such as Eyot taking the stage."

"The 'Similarity' artwork is inspired by an album of delicacy, the music talks of airiness and gentle persuasion. It straddles the genres of Jazz, traditional Balkan musical and electronic earthiness that gives the listener the space to breathe and dream."

Eyot, SimilarityNinety & Nine records ****  
‘"Pools of Purple Light’ is Eyot at their most confident, a glorious island of sonic iridescence."

 "EYOT offers up those melodies on the back of thick grooves and armed with an edgier sound. Serenity is discarded for dramatic builds of intensity, and rhythms stay in formation. An interesting development in their creative arc, and an enjoyable album, to boot."
"Across seven minutes this cascading gem reveals its headspace located in panoramic post rock landscapes with its hand indelibly tutored and informed in classical and jazz instruction." MARK BARTON about "How Shall the Dust Storm Start?"


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